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04 May 2020

Julien VALADIE (TBS 2016) and a volunteer team have created a sanitary label for shops

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THE RIGHT THING is a humanitarian project launched on 14th April and came to life thanks to Julien Valadié (TBS 2016)

It has brought together 7 volunteers who are experts in their areas (quality control, communication, etc.) including Soizic Fouilland (TBS 2014)

In a dedicated effort, they are doing their best to reply to the healthcare emergency caused by COVID-19.

This sign ✌️ means that the right thing has been put in place as regards safety against COVID

This label allows shops who have respected the sanitary rules recommended by the government to be recognized for their efforts. Thus, THE RIGHT THING encourages economic recovery for the establishment with the label. Affilation is a guarantee for consumer and employee confidence.

In the Toulouse region, THE RIGHT THING has aleady :

  • Awarded the label to two bakeries free of charge
  • Collected testimonials from visitors and the personnel working in the shop : they were all reassured about setting up the label. See the customer testimonials here
  • Printed communications to be posted in future affiliated shops


Also :

  • Affiliation of 11 sales points since Tuesday 5th May 2020 (Intersport, black store, Midica)
  • These actions were relayed by local press and radio during the week of the 11th May 2020
  • Affiliation free of charge of 3 new shops

Support their initiative by giving your opinion (1 min) :

Or by becoming a volunteer

Contact : 


  • JULIEN VALADIÉ - Management
  • PIERRE BORONAT - Communication
  • KENZA TOUHAMI - Quality


  • LOLA VALADIÉ - Communication
  • PAULINE BARTHE - Quality
  • RAPHAEL DARMON - Public Relations
  • LUCAS BOLEA - Communication
  • VICTOR PANISSARD - Communication
  • SOIZIC FOUILLAND - Marketing & Communication 
  • ADIA AIT-ALI - Social Media


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