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15 May 2019

Introduce yourself at our admissions fair!

To our Toulouse graduates,

As you know, May and June are traditionally the months when the admissions presentations take place, the period when the school and the city use their skills to charm the candidates for the Grand Ecole Programme.

This year, three students in the Grande Ecole Programme - Alizée Legrain, Sonni Martel, and Kilian Martinez - are responsible for welcoming the future students of our beautiful school. In their charm-planning, they are inviting alumni to participate at the fair. To do this, several videos of alumni have been made, as well as "interview profiles", have been posted social networks to communicate to the Alumni network of our school during this contest period.

They’ve also contacted several Alumni who’ve created their own companies. At a "start-up corner" set up in the cafeteria, they will highlight companies and products created by our Alumni. This “self-led stand will also accommodate alumni who wish to chat with "admissible" and "eligible candidates".

If you have the time, if you’d like to take part, if you want to see your school again and talk to the candidates, or if you’d like to participate in the start-up corner, don’t hesitate to go to Boulevard Lascrosses!



From 24/05 to 29/05 inclusive, then from 02/06 to 07/06 inclusive, and finally from 18/06 to 5/07 inclusive (including Saturday, 29/06 all day)

 So that the team responsible for the eligible candidates can welcome you properly, please let Kilian let you know of your participation:

We are counting on you to remind everyone that they are one of us:
a TBS Alumna or Alumnus
"Just because we’ve graduated does not mean that school is over!"


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