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21 July 2021

Hélène GALLAIS (TBS 2013) - Hire catering professionals

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Jobs & Chefs, the first recruitment platform dedicated solely to the catering profession ! 


Restaurants have been able to open again since 19th May, after being closed 7 months due to the health crisis. Restaurant owners now need to be able to hire catering professionals and it is not necessarily so easy. After 3 months of lockdown, catering professionals are difficult to find as they have either changed jobs or given up. Finding someone is a difficult task. 

This is the reason behind the idea Hélène GALLAIS (TBS 2013) and her brother had. They have launched the first recruitment platform solely dedicated to the catering profession.

Jobs & Chefs was inaugurated on 23rd March and operates all over France. It already counts almost 110 restaurant owners who want to recruit. Jobs & Chefs facilitates introductions and intends to federate all actors in this field and to include vocational integration. 


Jobs & Chefs garantees that restaurant owners can hire simply, quickly and safely.


Over and above the introduction service, Jobs & Chefs creates a true ecosystem which brings together restaurant owners who want to hire and catering schools on the same platform, thus providing a recruitment pool for the entire profession. The site uses an funnel filter so that recruiters can easily find the most suitable candidates. 

Pierre Lambinon, the famous Michelin star chef in Toulouse, is the ambassador of the platform. Beyond introductions between restaurant owners and candidates, the platform shares experiences and awards certificates. Restaurant owners also have an important role to play since they can validate specific skills and a chef's experience. 

In the beginning, the platform was free of charge in a spirit of solidarity with restaurant owners. Today, there is a membership fee. An app is under development.  



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