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31 March 2020

Giampaolo Missaglia (TBS 2018) - Professional Musician

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Business Schooling and a passion for music are not inseparable. Let yourself be carried by the career path of Giampaolo, our talented alumnus ! 

Tell us about your time at TBS ?

I studied «International Business» Master 1, directed by Andrew Barron together with the professional option called «Management des activités culturelles et créatives» (MACC), headed by Rebecca Arditti Siry. They were both very positive people with whom I had the pleasure of studying. 

What were your main objectives when you started work ? What were you motivated by ?

I decided to become a professional musician. My passion for music was at the heaert of my ambitions during my years at TBS. Therefore I decided to persue this same course in my career. 

What are you currently doing ?

In conjunction with my musical activities, I am studying for a bachelor's degree in Musicology at the Faculty of Mirail Toulouse, and I am part of the National Conservatory of Toulouse. I am a member of several groups as guitar player, arranger and song writer. These groups all have a rich variety of aesthetics while the common denominator is still the more or less pronounced link with jazz and «improvised music».

Why did you choose this profession, this project ?

When I started playing, it became quickly obvious that it would be impossible to just keep it as a hobby. I have always been an avid learner, constantly improving my skills on the instruments and I wanted to focus entirely on music. My position is often misunderstood and not always easy to uphold. Yet a career as a professional artist is no more a matter of chance than any other entrepreneurial activity. With passion, patience and an enormous amount of work, it was possible to make a career out of it. 

At what point did you know it was the right career path for you ?

Probably after I learned to play my first tracks by Nirvana and Johnny Cash. The style has evolved quite abit since then !

How did you get to where you are today in your career ? 

Music was an integral part of my life during my studies. I had a peaceful and carefree life up to secondary school when I decided to start playing music. I persued this passion through my preparatory classes and through TBS. It was during my school curriculum that I started studying music at the same time. After juggling with two very separate academic spheres, I finally decided to concentrate on music. 

How did your studies help you reach your professional and personal achievements ?

I realized that in order to succeed, a great idea needs structure. Success really depends on solid parameters, beginning with defining objectives and a clear plan. This method helped me enormously to build and manage my projects. What is more, during my time at TBS, I had an unforgettable experience which was to change my life : my final year traineeship took place in Lomé, Togo in West Africa. I was attracted by the rich culture in sub-Saharian Africa, and most of all its music. But I was a long way off imagining what would happen to me there... so many adventures ! I played gigs whereever I could : in the streets of Lomé, in small and big concert halls, in luxury hotel and religious temples. This trip was the opportunity to partner up with many talented male and female musicians, who welcomed me with open arms. Over there, I created a project the purpose of which was to compose an original repertoire with a mix of jazz elements with rythmns and traditional songs from sub-Saharian music. Putting this project together and making it work was as rewarding as it was difficult. It was the first time in my life that my role included being a musician and a "producer" for a project. Nevertheless, it was a great success, including concerts that I will never forget. This experience taught me a great deal : on a human level first but also on a cultural and professional level. 

How has the Alumni network been a support to you ?

It gave me the chance to share my questions with people who had been faced with the same ones, in particular, about my choice of career and my departure for Africa. 

How would you recomment using the network ?

Use and abuse it ! It is real opportunity to be able to contact graduates.

Finally, are you willing for Alumni to contact you if they are interested in your career path ? 

With pleasure !

And because music is worth more than words, listen to Giampaolo's talents on 

Facebook  (hard-to-label music quartet)

or YouTube : (jazz trio)


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