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12 December 2019

François Rauch de Roberty (TBS 2009) on stage in Paris in January

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François plays the role of a jury member in the play, “Twelve Angry Men”, play by Reginald Rose which was awarded a Chrystal Globe in 2018 (Best Theatre Play) You can see François on stage in Paris, at the Hébertot Theatre from 16th to 19th January, and from 23rd to 26th January 2020. America. The jury is out and 12 men have the responsibility of deciding whether a young man is guilty of parricide. While 11 members are convinced he is guilty, the last jury member voices his doubts. All twelve must vote unanimously for the verdict to be pronounced. A life is in their hands. Either he is acquitted, or he faces the electric chair. The tension is tangible in this legal battle in which the intelligence, humanity and the perseverance of one single man pulls the plug on the certainties and prejudice of 11 other jury members, each one acting on, and influenced by, his own personal life. Over and above the stakes in the trial, this play and its eminently modern subject, raises the question about how justice is delivered, demonstrating the extent to which ineradicable prejudice and intolerance of some people lead to life-or-death decisions on others. Hébertot Theatre revisits this masterpiece by the playwright Reginald Rose “Twelve Angry Men” written in 1953 and adapted to the big screen by Sydney Lumet for years later. Directed by Charles Tordjman, this new theatre adaptation is signed by Francis Lombrail who has already successfully adapted another American play “The Cards of Power”.


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