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04 June 2020

Flavien Thouroude (TBS 2020) and Nathan Darly (TBS 2020) - Sign their petition for a social score on clothing

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Flavien Thouroude (TBS 2020) and Nathan Darly (TBS 2020) want to create a Social Score for clothing!

They have launched an online petition for "implementing a social score on our clothing for greater transparency" on the platform.

"The idea is to model the nutri-score which is used on food in order to include a label on our clothing that announces a social score and providing us with the means of improving our buying habits. The purpose is to buy less and better" Flavien explains. 

It is true that in the face of a lack of information given to consumers and the lack of transparency by brands concerning clothing manufacture, a social score appears to be vital in this day and age. Flavien adds that "it is not about throwing stones at brands but offering a solution for consumers".  

This Social Score, would begin on a voluntary basis, using 5 colour codes ranging from dark green to red, and will be associated with letters from A to E, making comprehension as easy as possible by consumers. 

  • A = very good conditions
  • B = relatively good conditions 
  • C = average conditions
  • D = relatively poor conditions
  • E = very poor conditions très mauvaises


How the project came about 

It was after a 6 month trip last year to the Philippines within the scope of a non-gouvernmental organization (NGO), the Foundation Gawad Kalinga, that Flavien opened his eyes.

"With an experience like this, we rethink our consumer habits. We helped local communities to make textiles, in particular cuddly toys for Plush and Play. I saw the working conditions and the salaries which represents 400 Philippine peso (that is 7,13 €). They don't choose to do these jobs. Even young men of my age have to do them to bring some money home to their families. When I came back to France, I thought that we could change the way we do things" he explains.


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