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16 July 2020

Elisabeth ROUX (TBS 1993) - "Prepare leaders for tomorrow's challenges"

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It is the story of a head-hunter who was hunted, but also the career path of a leader who knows the price of freedom.

Elisabeth ROUX arrived in Spain in 1993, straight after graduating in Toulouse Business School (ex ESC Toulouse) and started her career in Human Resources.

"Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity". Today, the acronym, VUCA, is more relevant than ever in the professional world that had started preparing leaders to leave their comfort zone before the Covid crisis. Since the end of the 90s, Elisabeth has sought to discover talent, but also to define the most suitable skills for top management with companies, in particular, in the area of inter- and trans-national projects where Human Resources from several countries are involved. 

From Geserv (Madrid) to BPI (France), including Olsten (USA), Neuman International (Austria) or Penna (GB), Elisabeth Roux has been inspired for more than 20 years by the culture of a great variety of leadership consulting firms. She declares that she has a strong preference for Anglo-saxon trends.

If the head-hunter was hunted and dedicated her work passionately to finding the real gem, above all, she set her mind to developing new complementary services like those she created between 2006 and 2016 for the Penna Group.

Coaching, leadership training, assessments, psychometric tests, individual and/or collective workshops, evaluation and HR consulting – skills which are as complementary in recruitment, and are all part of the services offered by Boost4leadership, created in 2019.

Boost4leadership is a company dedicated to management and prepare company leaders for the challenges of tomorrow. A structure with a pronounced taste to find, recruit and also accompany and train top management leaders. She is prone to repeating "I coach and develop leaders".

"More than ever before, it is important to give to receive"

This summer, leaders are advised to go on well-deserved vacation that is important for their own wellbeing and put scenarios in place for September. Elisabeth Roux is planning the areas where specialist human resources will be needed, in particular : 

  • distance leadership,
  • communication in times of crisis,
  • accepting errors,
  • bravery,
  • identification of emotional states of individuals or teams.

As a member of the Executive Committee, joint leader of the RRHH Commission of the Chamber, visiting lecturer to different business schools and in charge of the TBS Alumni network in Madrid, Elisabeth "works with people who want to not only develop their skills but who really add value to our society and to its members”.

She firmly believes that companies "have an impact", so it is no wonder that she offers to train sustainable executive leaders

She concludes with "Covid has created new opportunities so that our entrepreneurial commitment surpasses profit alone".



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