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Discover Celine Pratx's mission statement

25 October 2021 Mission Statements

Transmission, when you are the recipient is something strong, which touches us, becomes anchored in us, it can become a leitmotiv', a reason for being...

What is magical when you have experienced a strong moment of transmission, is that not only are you enriched, but also and above all, you want to make this transmission radiate.

Today, thanks to what TBS has offered me, I want to be this messenger, this druid, the one who shares in return. I hope to trigger this momentum of solidarity, conviviality and pride, which is both authentic and relevant for its graduates throughout the world.

By allowing myself to be one of TBSA's ambassadors, I want to :

  • be at the service of graduates, encourage mutual aid, sharing #caringcommunity
  • highlight: talents, risk-taking, successes #learningcommunity
  • grow: our network, our visibility, our impact #inspiringcommunity

TBS Alumni
For a strong community serving our passions & ambitions.

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