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06 May 2020

ATALE or solidarity in body and soul

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Everyone is aware (or should be) of ATALE* and its founder members who work together to help students: members of TBS student associations, students who have received scholarships awarded by ATALE for entrepreneurship and all those Alumni who have rented accommodation ideally located less than a minute from the classrooms! 

Indeed the commitment by ATALE towards students continues to persevere during these strange times. Inspite of the students premature departures, their personal belongings have been cared for in safety: 

  • ATALE cancelled the period of notice for thirty odd students which meant they could pay for unexpected expenses (such as plane or train tickets which they hadn't anticipated paying at last-minute rates!)
  • Accommodation electricity meters were cut off to avoid added costs.

In total, these actions come to over 15000 euros worth of support to students who lived in the Atale Residential Accommodation.

Naturally, the personal implication of the founding members of ATALE does not stop there : they also donate invidually to the TBS Foundation, and members of this Association are founding members.  

 Well done and thank you to "Atalians", #TBSInspiringAlumni
who once again demonstrate their "school spirit, team spirit"


* ATALE residential home provides accommodation to students from different further education establishments and universities in Toulouse, the majority of which are TBS students. Whether the tenants are studying fulltime at TBS or carrying out traineeships at Airbus, for example, they come from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the world. ATALE also works with TBS associations, with le Petit Tou and le Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin, amongst others.  


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