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18 May 2020

"Accompany and enhance uniquely individual personalities..." Stéphanie Lavigne, TBS

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TBS has launched a new communications campaign : "And what if inspiration didn't exist" 

Stéphanie Lavigne, Dean of TBS Business School, gives insight into the messages she would like to convey with this communications campaign, and explains how it was created. 

What message do you wish to convey through the new communications campaign, "And what if inspiration didn't exist"? 

The unifying thread in this new campaign is Inspiration. It hightlights and consolidates our TBS brand and signature «Inspiring Education, Inspiring Life». This baseline is the incarnation of our DNA and the richness of TBS, a business school that is «student centred» and whose ambition is to reveal the uniqueness of its students, accompanying them along the road to success in line with their aspirations. Inspiring them so that they in turn become an inspiration to others.  Questions were asked about inspiration and its impact on several themes : innovation, commitment, CSR, creativity, territorial anchoring, culture, sport, etc. It is interesting to note that the TBS coral colour, highly identifying with the business school world, is found on each visual.

The campaign pledges our commitment to accompany and encourage individual, unique and inspiring personalities as regards our various audiences and stakeholders : students, lecturer-researchers, companies, etc. Creativity, inspiration and commitment are our drivers to train future leaders who will have the ability to question company management models, corporate models, and who will be able to offer new ideas, have an impact. 

How did the genesis of a communications campaign like this come about ? 

We had planned to launch the new campaign for the admissions period and the competitive exams for the Masters programs. We started an in-depth strategic process to consolidate the position and the brand of TBS which then was developed into the construction of the brand's core expressions.

Were students and lecturers involved in the thought process ? 

We listened to the different stakeholders at TBS to collect their vision of the brand and above all, to hear the expectations of our students who are at the heart of our profession. We involved them in several of the creation stages in this campaign. All our exchanges allowed us to refine, to strengthen and finalize the campaign's concept. "And what if inspiration didn't exist ?" and then declining it around Inspiring School, Inspiring Students, Inspiring Professors.


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