Surveys and Rankings

TOGETHER, we ALL influence the position of TBS in the Rankings ! 


Between January and June this year, the magazines Financial Times, l’Etudiant, and Eduniversal will be contacting you in order to establish the ranking of business schools. In other words, the rank of Toulouse Business School is in your hands !

The rankings are defined according to specific criteria and we are all in a position to provide efficient and positive information for the rankings – of critical importance to us all.


The Higher Education   The Financial Times   L'Etudiant   EDUNIVERSAL Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Amongst the criteria chosen by these organisations, the obvious ones include :

  • the educational quality of the school
  • the international dimension (lecturers and foreign students)
  • the reputation of the academic research
  • and, as can be expected, analysis of alumni career paths, including yours !

Firstly, please be advised that you are likely to be contacted very (too) persistently!

You are therefore, likely to be questioned, directly by organisations and/or periodicals. Some of them will go through us to collect information, which we provide in an anonymous format. You may feel these questions are futile and time-consuming, but we would value you understanding the importance of TBS being ranked as we deserve. .


Please help us help the school network

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STEP 1 - Manage contacts

  • Section « My information / email and subscription information : provide your email address
  • Section « My information / Subscriptions : Do you authorize us to share your data with the ranking organizations concerning TBS ?
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STEP 2 -  Update your postal code

N.B. Certain information* is never visible to other users. Nevertheless, it is vital that we can establish valid statistics about your education and career path. 

  • company
  • position
  • type of contract*
  • How you were recruted*
  • Employment search time*
  • Salary*


A list of graduates from your graduation year will be sent to the periodicals/organisations by the School. This list contains last name, first name, email address only : no other information is provided. Immediately prior to the survey, you will be sent a confirmation email (e.g. about the FT survey) to check that the survey does not land in your spam box.


You may not be entirely satisfied with the school or your alumni association… we fully appreciate that and are more than happy to discuss any issues you may have with you directly. Please avoid the survey as a platform for views that do not concern the topics of the survey.

Please contact us or send us your feedback (positive or negative) 
We commit to transferring all feedback to the school or alumni representatives and we we personally reply to you within 10 days.


We are interested in your academic background and the participation rate in this survey will enhance the value of your degree.

Be proud to be TBS Alumni, please take a little time to participate !