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« Action is the starting point of commitment »

Our Annual General Meeting is not just another meeting, it is THE meeting for all members of TBS Alumni. If official protocole is respected to send out the invitations, they are not however a message in a bottle : they are a real invitation to share in the life of the association of which you are a member. 

This year, in line with the constant progress made by the association, the statutes need to be updated. We invite you to join us for one hour for 

Special General Meeting  
followed by
Annual General Meeting

The meeting will be held at a distance and efficiently timed to give you concrete information about TBS Alumni's activities thoughout the period 2019-2020.

It is your chance to vote, thereby giving a positive contribution to the development of our association.


10.15am - 10.30 am Special General Meeting. Changes to the statutes are submitted for approval. These changes concern:

  • Article 2: Specific actities to be removed (Career & Employment Division and Job Service closed) --> updated  
  • Article 5 : Member admission (definitions of fees for life membership or not, Friends of TBS Alumni, GDPR withdrawal rights) --> updated
  • Article 6 : De-listing (and non-resignation) --> updated
  • Article 7 : Membership Fees - Resources (life membership) --> updated
  • Article 8 : Members of the Exeuctive Committee --> modification proposed
  • Article 11: Steering Committee --> updated
  • Articles 12,13,14 : Special General Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Accounting Year --> updated

Votes will open from 28th October. The articles which are proposed for modification will be in the vote module. 

10.30am - 11.15am  Annual General Meeting. The Agenda :

  • Moral Report
  • Financial Report
    • Allocation of earnings
    • Vote with discharge
  • Renewal by vote of members of the Executive Committee (Please note that fully paid-up members can vote only) 

Votes will open from 28th October. The Moral and Financial Reports will be posted in the vote module.
You can discover the candidates’ letters of motivation on their personal profile pages.


If you are a fully paid-up graduate member and an Active Volunteer (or you would like to become one), you may apply from 28th October until 20th November at midnight. Applications are made online or by email to

In this case, please send in your letter of motivation in word format, together with a good quality portrait photo. Your letter of motivation will appear on your personal profile page. An example of a letter of motivation is attached to this message to help you. 
When Alumni log on, the list of candidates will come up on the screen and they can read your presentation. It will also be relayed on our social media. 

Saturday 21st November 2020
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM (GMT +1)
The event is organized online
  • Deadline for registration : 20th November

Saturday 21st November 2020
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM (GMT +1)
The event is organized online
  • Deadline for registration : 20th November

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