Who are we?

A great school is reflected by its great network!

TBS Alumni was founded in 1987 by former students, Alumni, and operates primarily through the actions led by a strong, cohesive group of good-willed Volunteers all over the world. 

All elected members of the association, in line with the association’s Statutes, are volunteers.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of 32 Committee Members:

  • Thirty (30) committee members from 3 Academies
    • The first Academy includes five (5) graduates from the BACHELOR or IEDN programs
    • The second Academy includes twenty (20) graduates from the Master in Management program  
    • The third Academy includes five (5) graduates from all the other programs (MBA, Masters, etc.).

All thirty (30) committee members are elected for three years at the Annual General Assembly, by a majority vote of the Members present and/or represented. They must be chosen amongst the members.

  • Two committee members are appointed ex-officio:
    • The Dean of Toulouse Business School
    • The President of the Federation of Student Associations.

To discover who was voted onto the Executive Committee in 2019, click here : EXECUTIVE COMITTEE. The minutes from the Annual General Meeting can be requested by writing to contact@tbs-alumni.com.


The Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee handles day-to-day management of the association. It meets as and when is necessary and is convened by the Chairman.

Elected Members


Pierre Hurstel


Delphine Dos Santos

Vice Chair
Bachelor program

René Robert

Vice Chair
Master in Management & MS

Paul Fabre

Vice Chair
Executive Programs

Valérie Rey


Céline Bregeon

Assistant Treasurer

Cathy Halupniczak

Executive Manager


The association’s momentum can be measured by the very high level of investment demonstrated by its many volunteers. Thanks to the Chapters, Tribes, Clubs, etc., it is possible to meet TBS Alumni Talents who are dedicated to providing caring and friendly support to you all over the world. TBS Alumni organize evening events and conferences, offer personal and professional development support throughout your life that is available as soon as you become a student!

All their actions can be seen in the MEETING UP section, where you can find:

If you are made of TBS fabric and you are willing to volunteer, come and join us now!

For more information, write to: alumni@tbs-alumni.com 

Permanent Staff 

The permanent staff are based in Toulouse and are available to support you as soon as you start at the Schoool. From 9am to 6pm every day of the week, the team will greet you with a smile and is ready and willing to provide you with all the keys to better understanding how the network works and the simplest way you can participate.



Cathy Halupniczak
Executive Manager

TBS 2006

Cathy is a member of the association’s Steering Committee, in charge of relations with TBS and TBS Foundation. She is in charge of the staff at TBS Alumni, relations with the Executive Committee and the Volunteers.





Penelope Wall
Assistant Executive Manager

Periodic Teaching Assignments at TBS

Penelope is in charge of relationships with the chapters in France, partnerships, administration and accounting at TBS Alumni. Bilingual in French and English, she translates our publications..


Raquel Vilarinho
Directory & Social Media

TBS 2018

Raquel the "geek" of the group, in charge of social media and the directory improvement strategy.


Isabella Saldarriaga
Assistant Communications Manager

Master in Management 2022

In the 2nd year of her master’s degree and on a work-study placement after a TBS Bachelor degree, Isabella is a pure TBS product. She is our Webmaster, and Assistant Communications Manager.



Richard Jansou
Project Manager Directory & Networking

Master in Management 2022

On a work-study placement and in the 2nd year of his Master’s degree, Richard has been with us 3 years already. He is in charge of Directory Quality and for identifying consultants amongst our Talents.

Student Employment

In addition to the permanent team, TBS Alumni are fortunate enough to count on TBS students from September to June. They work on a 10-hour per week contract in line with their commitment to their studies (and student associations!), allowing TBS Alumni the chance to benefit from their skills on a wide variety of subjects, such as: 

  • Alumni directory updates
  • Writing articles and portraits
  • Posting online job offers

... and they provide the team with an outside view which we require in order to fulfill our mission for continuous improvement!


Your School goes far beyond training, it's with you for life!